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Harness prices are subject to change.  Please contact us for an up to date quote.  All prices will include a 7.25% sales tax.
Draft Harness
SPECIAL!  Draft size driving harness, only used twice!  27" collar with pad.  Black hames with chrome knobs.  Stainless steel hardware.  Set up for shafts or work.  Comes with driving lines, neck yoke strap, and bridle with snaffle bit.  $850

 Harness A
 A.H-2500  $540
Driving Harness (horse size).  Collar harness, chrome hardware with hame balls.  A good heavy driving harness for Standard or Saddle Bred horses.  Available with chrome, black, solid brass, nickel or stainless steel hardware and hamess (collar and hold back straps are extrs).

A. H-3150  $555
Stainless Steel (not shown).

A. H-3200  $550
Solid brass (not shown)

 Harness B
 B. H-2900  $545
This harness is also available in team harness or with breast plate instead of hames.  Holdback straps are not included in harness prices.

B. H-2502  $520
Chrome heavy harness with breast strap.

B. H 2700  $540
Stainless steel harness with stainless steel hames.

B. H-2702  $525
Stainless steel heavy harness with breast strap.

B. H-2800  $525
Black harness with black hames.

B.H 2902  $530
Solid brass heavy harness with breast strap.

 Harness C
 C. This is a light weight driving harness available in a solid brass hardware, breast collar style or hames.  Horse size shown.  Holdback straps included with lightweight harness.

H-2400  $415
(Shown in photo above)  Brass

H-2450  $449
Horse size.  Stainless steel.

H-2300  $400 Cobb size.  Solid brass.

H-2350  $435
Cobb size.  Stainless steel.

H-2200  $380
Welsh (large pony) size.  Solid brass.

H-2250  $410 
Welsh (large pony) size.  Stainless steel.

H-2100 $362
Small pony.  Solid brass

H-2150  $400
Small pony.  Stainless steel.

H-2000  $360 
Mini horse.  Solid brass.

Cobb & horse sizes available in russett & solid brass.